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This is part 1 of our 3 part miniseries on Work Staples. We will bring you part 2 on suiting and blouses next Friday at the same time, and part 3 on shoes the following week.

Entering the workforce this fall and wondering which staples to purchase? Workforce veteran feeling the end-of-summer itch for organization and autumn preparation? College student senior still looking for that foolproof way to streamline the clutter in the Longchamps tote you sling across your bike handles every morning?

We’ve put together our favorite organizational tools for you below that will help your busy schedule fall into place. We’ve paired them with the carry-alls that we recommend- for work or play – across various price points, from $9.99 (no joke) to $1,090.00.

Here are the perfect …


1. Invite.L Felt Bag-in Bag, $24.50. We love the functionality, texture, and fresh lime green color, but you can choose from a rainbow of dark brown to bright pink, depending on the hue of the purse you are placing it into.

2. Moleskine 2012 Pocket Daily Planner, $16.95. The organized professional’s classic – convenient daily divisions, weeks-at-a-glance, and an elegant, leather casing that fits anywhere.

3. Invite.L Credit Card Pouch, $21.00. We are clearly crushing on this new, youthful brand with a European aesthetic reminiscent of the big H. At this price point, we say yes please to keeping our stray business cards, credit cards, or coins in order.

4. Michael Kors Mini Ladies Sport Brushed and Shiny Goldtone Watch, $250.00. Simple and elegant, this watch will help you get from meeting to meeting on time, and match most of your jewelry. What’s more, it carries its price well and is a reminder of the Lady-Datejust that we covet from afar.

5. Invite.L Seven Dials Pencil Pouch, $23.50. Fun, contrast-zip aesthetic with just the right amount of space for those stray pens you are always worried are going to leak into your purse and that you can never seem to find when your boss needs one in a meeting. Keep them in one place with a fresh summer azure, or throw your makeup into a muted black with red contrast-zip tab for a discreet slip into the restroom to freshen up.

6. Zara Combined Fabric Shopper, $9.99. We loved this before seeing the price; after realizing this is less than two Venti Lattes, we ordered it immediately. Large, buttery leather bottom, and the perfect autumnal brown shade for your earthy beiges or even jeans and a t-shirt on the weekends.

7. Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel, $895.00. An investment piece for the ages – classic boxy frame, removable leather tab for comfort, gold hardware. The perfect starter black purse for the woman who wants quality and is able to begin paying for it.

8. Joseph M Ladies Nude Padlock Frame Bag, $45.33. Perfect to break up an all-black-and-white work outfit, with a friendly price point to match.

9. Longchamp Roseau Embossed Tote, $400.00. We crushed on this chocolate version, but the animal-skin look comes in everything from nude to black.

10. Reed Krakoff Boxer Leather Tote, $1,090.00. An investment piece for the fashion-forward professional, with sleek strap patterning and a palette to complement most anything.

11. Zara Large Motera Bag, $129.00. A classic with a motorcycle inspiration.

12. Zara Shoulder Bag with Double Buckle, $19.99. Zara is killing it on the price for value. This side-slinger is particularly suited to all of the lucky ladies on the sunny West Coast, and transitions effortlessly to weekend Farmers Market perusing over a sundress and simple flats.

13. Zara Topstitched City Bag, $29.99. My personal favorite of the bunch from a looks perspective alone – the recently reduced price point indicates that smart women everywhere will have the shelves cleared pronto.


invite.L brightens up your office – blog.shoplet.com

invite.L brightens up your office

invite l office supplies invite.L brightens up your office

I have a big love for felt and I’m always trying to think of ways to use the felt leftover from the christmas stockings I attempted to make. I would love to create some of these items from Invite.L. Obviously the felt I have is cheap (and I don’t know how to do it), and the felt they use for these beautiful items is probably amazing. I love the classic pencil pouch in bright colors and I wouldn’t mind one of those document filers either. Which item is your favorite?

invite l office supplies 2 invite.L brightens up your office

invite l office supplies 3 invite.L brightens up your office

invite l office supplies 4 invite.L brightens up your office

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Notebooks & More That Make My Heart Go Pitter-Patter

by Mandi on August 2, 2011


Anyone else have a thing for office supplies?

I’ll admit that this is the area that I have the hardest time decluttering, and I might, maybe, probably have more notebooks and folders than any person needs, but I just love fresh, crisp paper, pretty patterns and a notebook waiting to be filled.

So when Invite.l, a Korean company expanding to the U.S., offered me an opportunity to try some of their products, I couldn’t resist! I poured over their online catalog (and I love that there aren’t so many products that your head spins).

And truly, this is when I fell in love:

editorial notebook

It’s a Magazine Editorial journal with boxes in various sizes, shapes and patterns. Honestly, mine is still blank because I feel like this is a journal that calls for greatness, and I’m not yet sure how I want to use it. To plan Life…Your Way content? To record memories and sayings from our girls? To plan my day? It makes me happy every time I look at it, though!

1000 kinds of stories

They also sent me this very cool 1000 Kinds of Stories journal. If you’ve read or plan to read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, this is the perfect companion to record your one thousand gifts!

1-4 quartered notebook

Fans of simple notebooks like Moleskines will appreciate the simple grid pattern of the 1/4 Quartered notebook. And with a variety of fabric covers, you can dress any of these notebooks up if you’re looking for something a little fancier, although I really kind of like the simplicity of their standard covers!


I’ve been dying to get some washi tape for crafts & organizing, so I was very excited to see Invite.l’s collection of masking tapes in both solid colors and patterns. I love how they use it in their journals and notebooks in the pictures above, and I also plan to use it for crafts and as colorful labels around our home!

slim bag-in-bag

And finally, they also have a variety of bag-in-bags to hold your iPad and other electronics inside a larger bag. I typically carry either a market bag or a tote bag, which can get kind of messy since neither have a lot of pockets or dividers. I’ve tried purse organizers, but I really love how many pockets this Slim Bag-in-Bag has, including one for my iPad. It’s easy to move between bags, and I no longer have stuff falling out or getting disorganized while we’re out and about!

All of these products are high quality, creative and beautiful, and I have a feeling I’ll be revisiting this site often — both for myself and for gifts for others!

Are you an office supply addict? What gets you the most — pretty paper? a new notebook? labels & tags?